We Strengthen Faith in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution

We freely help religious institutes to benefit from modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, ... and we provide free training and consulting to ensure the continuity of religious institutes to fulfill their roles in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Digital Transformation of Religious Institutes

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, there is a need for religious leaders to remain in effective and permanent communication with believers who live in a world where mobile and cloud technology play a key role due to the rapid evolution of the fourth industrial revolution.

This reality requires religious institutes to accelerate the process of digital transformation and embrace creativity and innovation in order to create new environments to ensure access and ability to teach, train and mentor believers.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of religious institutes will be done in several stages, taking into account the conditions and means of each institute. Religious leaders will need to be continuously trained to use modern technologies in religious service. For this reason, ForBladi provides free continuing education to update the knowledge and skills of religious leaders to master modern technologies.

Digital Worship Place

Digital Worship Place is the worship place for the digital community. It securely provides education, training and monitoring services and applications, and collaboration tools to enable the religious institute to fulfill its role, and to keep believers in constant communication with the religious institute and with each other anytime, anywhere.

With the support of its Partners Network, ForBladi Organization provides Free Training and Digital Transformation Services to Religious Institutes


Digital Worship Place Features

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Resource Planning

You have at your disposal a set of tools to easily manage your human and financial resources, activities and projects of your institute.

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Revenue Management

You have at your disposal a set of tools for managing revenue-generating projects, inventory, relationship, product/service sales, ...

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Social Networks

Create social networks where your employees/members can communicate with each other and share their knowledge. You can manage blogs, forums, member conversations and events...

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Create and publish courses, manage the learning process and motivate your learners using gamification, test their retention using quizzes and exams, give them certificates, ...

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Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from recommendations and advice based on your institute's data. Machine learning and deep learning technologies improve your ability to predict and make decisions.

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Artificial Assistant

Keep your institute's services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your audience can communicate with your institute from anywhere via chat or voice.

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Internet of Things

Build scalable and secure IoT networks to reliably collect, store, process telemetry data, and manage, monitor, and control millions of devices connected via industry-standard protocols.

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Blockchain Network

Build scalable private networks, bring security and immutability to your institute's transactions, and conduct direct and confidential transactions with other institutes using Blockchain technology.

Faith 4.0 Project Application

Take your first step towards digital transformation of your religious institute. We offer a complete set of free services to develop your Digital Worship Place Platform to fit your institute's needs, and we train your staff for free and help them to master all aspects of the new technologies.



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